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SECRETS Acrylic Powders

Product Description

Secrets powders are very fine and are heavily coated for continuity of colour that can be applied in thin layers for fine detailed art. Creates intense colour for 3D designs.

Strength for sculpting and for tip extensions.

  • Secrets Disguise Powder is a soft rose cover powder with a glistening pink shimmer.
  • Secrets Conceal Powder is a peach cover powder with a gold glimmer.
  • Secrets Pure Ice Powder is a transparent powder with beautiful properties to encapsulate any nail art designs and also for the classic beautiful French look set of nails.

NSI acrylic powders are designed for effortless work-ability,  perfect consistency and self-leveling.
The powders are pigment enriched, and are delivering exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility.

All our acrylic powders are mixable for endless possibilities.

They can be used with the traditional system with a brush, liquid & powder.

And they can also be used with our Simplicité Acrylic Dipping System.

Colour/Image/Description Disclaimer


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Absolutely love this powder it’s is stunning used as full application and it’s beautiful


    I love Disguise!

    I used it as a full application acrylic, but I've seen it used as a dip powder.

    Applied like acrylic, it is completely opaque, and is quite light/pink.

    The shimmers in it are STUNNING.

    Various shades of nude, rose, and pink that are subtle yet gorgeous.

    Just note that if you're using it as acrylic powder, it's not speed drying ;-)

    I'm also going to try it as a hybrid dip layer, (wet the nail with acrylic liquid, then dip in the powder), then clear acrylic over the top, which will give a more transparent coverage.

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