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AURORA Chrome Pigment Powder 0.1g

Product Description
  • Follow the newest trend using the Aurora Pigments.
  • Recommended to be used over a Non tacky Topcoat e.g. Sina LED/UV Top Coat Tack-Free 15ml.
  • Different looks can be achieved by using colourful backgrounds underneath.

How to use:

Brush-on & Rub-on the Tack Free Topcoat Sina until a desirable Aurora pearly effect is obtained, which will be different according to the base of colours previously applied.
Dust off the pigments lightly with a soft brush to clean any excess of pigments on the surface of the nail and sidewalls.
Cover with Tack Free Topcoat Sina again and cure or apply a glossy shiny top gel over the top.
The Aurora Pigments can also be used as a very fine glitter deposited on a tacky residue layer to get another glittery Aurora look and cover the glittery effect Aurora by a Topcoat layer.



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