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Product Description
  • The product is hero, show it on the nails!
  • Create a memorable, colourful visuality with a big boost

What is CrystalpixieTM Petite?

  • Loose Crystal Fabric in PP3 (approx. 1.00-1.10mm)
  • Mixture of cut crystals and round stones

Step-by-Step Application

Apply two base layers of nail polish or nail gel
Pour Swarovski CrystalpixieTM over the wet nail polish or nail gel
Nail professionals can also use nail glue to fix CrystalpixieTM on the nail design
Gently press and compact the CrystalpixieTM
Scrape off the exceeding CrystalpixieTM from the nail rim with the finger to obtain clean edges Let dry thoroughly
Apply top coat to the edges of the CrystalpixieTM decoration


  • Make sure you hold the finger over a tray in order to catch all the exceeding CrystalpixieTM

  • Use the funnel provided in the package to pour the exceeding CrystalpixieTM back into the bottle

  • In order to secure maximal brilliance of CrystalpixieTM we recommend not to apply topcoat to the entire nail apply top coat only to seal the edges and prevent erosion


  • 5g CrystalpixieTM
  • Funnel
  • Instruction Leaflet

No Flat Backs!

No limitation for Nail Designers - the full product range of Swarovski Flat Backs can be mixed and matched


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