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Master Touch Long Hair

Product Description

Nail Art Brush

  • Hand made of finest Kolinsky red sable.
  • top quality seamless nickel plated brass ferrule.
  • Highly polished Maroon handle.

NOTE: The use of a brush is purely and entirely your own responsability.

The brush is NEW, intact and in perfect new condition. All that is done with the brush by you is your responsability.

We will not deal with any issues or misuse of the sold brush. No Refund, No Exchange.

ONLY use your Nail Liquid to clean your Acrylic Brushes Kolinsky or Sable hairs.

You can use NSI ATTRACTION, NSI UNIVERSAL or NSI SECRETS Nail Liquids to clean your brushes.

When using a new acrylic brush for the 1st time, the “dressing” in the hairs must be thoroughly removed. Pour some of the Nail Liquid into a clean dappen dish. Dislodge the dressing by gently dipping the hairs of the brush into the nail liquid for 15s. Do not allow the ferrule of the brush to be in the liquid. Lift your brush out and wipe it gently on a nail wipe. Do this a few times until the brush is cleaned. Do not pull on the hairs of the brush. Do not allow the ferrule of the brush to be in the liquid. Shape the brush gently into it’s desired shape while wet and then with a nail wipe, your brush is now ready. Discard the remaining nail liquid. For your acrylic application, fill your dappen dish with some clean fresh Nail Liquid and saturate the hairs of your brush into it, this will eliminate air bubbles. Shape the brush hairs well again while wet, remove some of the excess liquid on a nail wipe if needed and you can now process to your acrylic application.
Never wash your brushes with soap, water or Acetone as these substances will dry out the hairs of your brush. The best is to stay away from solvents for the cleaning of any Kolinsky or Sable hairs of Acrylic brushes. Avoid using Brush Cleaners for your acrylic brushes, their formulas is too harsh and drying the hairs of these brushes. Brush Cleaners are generally best used to clean Gel brushes with synthetic and nylon hairs.
Never put the brush down during use or after use without cleaning it well on a nail wipe first => if you do =>cured acrylic will stay in the brush hairs, the brush will be clogged and unusable.
If the brush does get clogged with acrylic, you can try to soak it in a little bit of nail liquid, the acrylic may soften enough to be removed.

Storage of brushes: first check that all hairs are freely moving when dipping your brush into the jar of nail liquid, by pressing your brush side to side and also flat onto the bottom of the jar, check that there is no acrylic clogged into the hairs. Shape the brush hairs back to a fine point or flat if desired on a nail wipe,while wiping the wet hairs of the brush, for a fine point: gently turn the brush between your fingers until you get the brush end tip to a fine point again for storage. Or brush wipe the brush flat on the nail wipe to obtain a flat shape.
Store your brushes flat in a covered container or flat in a drawer. Do not store upright or near dust. Do not store brushes back into their packaging (e.g. plastic tubes & bags) as the plastic packaging will disintegrate to the contact of the nail liquid with time.

✅Remember: When your brush is too clogged and badly, it’s often too late!
Spend on a new good brush, this is your most important tool! Clean it ONLY with your nail liquid and take good care of your best tool.


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