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Mermaid Pearl Chrome Pigments + Applicator Brushes

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Chrome Mermaid Pearl Mirror Effect Pigment. Amazing Effects on nails!

  • Easy to Use on Tack Free Top Coat.
SINA Tack-Free Top Coat LED/UV

Apply a gel polish colour and Cure.

Apply the SINA Tack-Free Topcoat on the nails and cure - NO TACKY LAYER.

Apply the pigments by using the little brush applicator, take a bit with it and brush the pigments onto the nails, cover the nail well and brush more and in every directions to get this to a smooth finish. More you are brushing these, better your coverage and mirror effect will become. Dust off the excess of pigments with a very light touch using a soft make up brush. When the nails are ready, you can encapsulate the pigments with a layer of acrylic or builder gel for a longer wear or simply re-coat the nails again with a layer of the SINA tack-free topcoat. Et Voilà!

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Customer Reviews

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Great to use over any colour absolutely stunning

I love my chrome powders

These chrome powders is exactly what I was searching for! The only trouble I have is telling the colours apart and the codes on the back don't give any clues - any advice on that?

Other than that, I'm obsessed!!!

AMAZING products

The mermaid pigment chromes are so versatile not to be used over just black or white polish the possibilitys are endless a must have for your collection