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Mermaid Pearl Chrome Pigment BJHC-04

Product Description

Nail Art Chrome Mermaid Pearl Mirror Effect Pigment + Sponge Applicator.

  • Easy to Use on Tack Free Top Coat.
RECOMMENDED TOPCOAT to use these pigments : SINA Tack-Free Top Coat LED/UV

Apply a gel polish colour & Cure.

Apply the SINA Tack-Free Topcoat on the nails and cure.  NO TACKY LAYER.

Apply the pigments by using the little brush applicator, take a bit with it and brush the pigments onto the nails, cover the nail well and brush more and in every directions to get this to a smooth finish. More you are brushing these, better your coverage and mirror effect will become. Dust off the excess of pigments with a very light touch using a soft make up brush. When the nails are ready, you can encapsulate the pigments with a layer of acrylic or builder gel for a longer wear or simply re-coat the nails again with a layer of the SINA tack-free topcoat. Et Voilà!

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