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Glaze'n Go Tack-Free Top Coat UV Only

Product Description

Glaze'N Go UV curable ~ Enhancement Sealant Topcoat for adhesion on hard surfaces.

Easy to work with and cures to a superior high gloss shine. It brushes on like a polish, for a radiant, tack-free finish. Provides a long-lasting, scratch-resistant finish.

It's a Sealant Topcoat, made to hold on very strong & hard surfaces. Glaze'N go is not for natural nails surfaces that have too much of flexibility.

  • Brush-on application gel top coat tack-free finish
  • Provides a long-lasting, scratch-resistant high gloss shine
  • The UV Formula cures in 90 seconds with a UV Lamp 36W
  • Reduces filing and buffing time
  • Suitable for use over any gel or acrylic.

📌 Keep away from heat.      📌 UV Curable ->  keep out of direct light.

Glaze'N Go

Glaze'N Go


Sizes: 7ml $10 - 15ml $20 - 2x15ml $36


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