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PolyPaste - PolyGel - Gel in a tube - Blush

Product Description

Balance LED/UV PolyPaste is a light cured gel-hybrid system.

PolyPaste can be used for sculpting an extension or adding a layer of protection, the PolyPaste is the newest way to build an enhancement. Great for techs looking to expand into gel, but shy away from traditional hard gels.

VISCOSITY: Paste/Thick

SKILL LEVEL: Ideal for all levels.

Can be used for easy building of the nail, or for a slight apex for some added durability. Ideal to be used for natural nails, tip and overlays, or sculpting.
It is not recommended to build extreme nail enhancement lengths because of its flexibility.

Use with PolyPaste Tool and Cleanse as a Slip Solution.

Dip the brush end of your PolyPaste Tool into Cleanse and dab off the excess liquid. Be sure to not wipe away too much of the Cleanse from the brush. Cleanse helps to move PolyPaste, and will keep it from sticking to the brush.

How to use PolyPaste Gel in a tube - Step by Step

Size: 60g Tube.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Love the polypaste

Received my first order of polypaste this week in "blush". Have only tried it on a swatch but it applies beautifully and the colour is lovely. I usually use ibd control gel and the polypaste is so much easier to apply. Hopefully it will wear as well. The brush is perfectly shaped and has just the right amount of give to be able to move the paste.

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