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NSI PolyPaste Tool - Gel Brush / Spatula

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NSI Gel Brush / Spatula - A great tool for thick Gels, PolyGel, PolyPaste, Secure Nail Decoration Gel TUBES.

Designed specifically for use with the NEW Balance PolyPaste.

When you are not using one side, pop the cap on, and it is like working with a single sided brush, or leave the cap off to easily switch between sides.

A great tool for thick Gels in tubes, eg. PolyGels: PolyPaste Gel In A Tube ,

Secure Nail Decoration Gel Tube - SINA NATURAL CLEAR

Use Cleanse as a Slip Solution.

Dip the brush end into Cleanse and dab off the excess liquid. Be sure to not wipe away too much of the Cleanse from the brush. Cleanse helps to move thick gels in tubes and will keep it from sticking to the brush.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gel brush/spatular

Works great

Great brush for Crystal Gel or Polygel ❤

Accidentally brought 2 of these but im glad there worth it, now I have a spare. Super handy having the spatula on one end and a brush on the other, perfect size for me.

💜💜💜 this tool

very convenient, lovely brush that glides over polygel beautifully, il be buying another one because they are so nice to work with.