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Secure Nail Decoration Gel Tube - SINA NATURAL CLEAR

Product Description

GEL TUBE to secure your nail art decoration pieces.

VISCOSITY: Paste/Thick

SKILL LEVEL: Ideal for all levels.

Size: 30ml Tube.


* Use the Secure Gel for securing your nail art pieces that are raised, for a longer lasting adhesion, eg. big pieces : stones, pearls etc.. or little as bullions that you want to secure from underneath. Apply your Secure Gel, and apply your curable Tack free Topcoat. Place your nail art pieces onto the nails and then cure the lot.

* This gel can be used also for easy building of the nail, or for a slight apex for some added durability on natural nails, tips and overlays, or sculpting.
It is not recommended to build extreme nail enhancement lengths because of the flexibility of the gel. Can be used with Dual Nail Form Tips.

Use the gel tube with a tool brush & spatula eg. PolyPaste Tool or a
Gel Brush / Spatula Tool and Cleanse as a Slip Solution. Cleanse helps to move the gel where it's needed, and will keep it from sticking to the brush.


COLOR is NATURAL CLEAR - not all clear. With a Tack Free Topcoat, you will have the clearest clear possible with all your nail art pieces displayed and lasting longer.

Colour/Image/Description Disclaimer


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Best adhesion for crystals!

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