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Simplicité PolyDip Sampler Kit + FREE Eye Shimmers Argan mineral powders

Product Description

This system keeps nails strong and healthy. Applies like Polish.

Simplicité Kit Contents:

  • Prep 15 ml
  • Bond 15 ml
  • PolyBase 15 ml (PolyBase formula is translucent clear and now with some bluish agents added)
  • Seal 15 ml
  • Pink Silk Powder 40g

LED/UV Curable system. No Odour! The durability of Gel, the strength of Acrylic. Applies like Polish.
We called it Simplicité because it’s simple to use and simple to Rebalance / Refill.
The Simplicité PolyDip System is curable into a nail lamp = stronger nails faster.
This system keeps nails strong and healthy. Perfect on natural nails as an overlay, and ideal over tips/extensions with a very lightweight and a great flexible feel.
The perfect addition to Spas and Salons as this system has NO ODOUR and is drying faster. And It’s so simple! It’s Simplicité!

  • Completely Odorless System
  • A Versatile Dipping system that can be used for tips / extensions and overlays on natural nails
  • Perfect Permanent polished nails look
  • Optional Rebalance / Refill – You don’t have to soak off the product every time and/or between applications.

How to use our PolyDip kit - Step by Step

How to Rebalance - Step by Step

+ FREE Argan Eye Shimmer

Silk Oil of Morocco’s iridescent Argan Eye Shimmer helps to accentuate eyes providing a soft illuminating finish. This versatile finely milled mineral loose powder can be used as an eye shadow, shimmer eye liner or to highlight and accentuate the eyes, brows and lips. Enhanced with Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil which is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, this luxurious powder is offered in 8 beautiful moroccan shades that are easy to apply and long lasting. Size 2g Net Wt.

Select your FREE Argan Eye Shimmer:


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