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Simplicité Dipping Nail System - S.N.S.
You can dip, or just sprinkle!

#1 BEST DIPPING SYSTEM on the market!

Add strength to those hard working hands making this the perfect addition for nail lovers & nail addicts.

No odour. It’s not glue! It’s GEL based and curable => Beautiful & Strong nails, it’s easy and fast!
Overlay on Natural Nails & Tips Extensions.
Sprinkle for even & thinner layers ~ no bulk at cuticle line.
Just Rebalance & Refill the nails ~ no need to soak off every time!
Great service addition for Salons and Spas with easy & odourless service in half the time!

Perfect DIY for maintaining these beautiful & strong nails on those trips away on holidays.
The system keeps nails strong and healthy, light weight, no odour, no glue, not much filing, making the maintenance,
rebalancing, repairs and even changing colours more often so quick and so easy!
KITS and LAMPS available at great prices!

It’s simple ! It’s Simplicité!

Acrylic Dipping System

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Tipping Pack
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Dipping Tray
Dipping Tray