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Acrylic Nail Powders ~ Galaxy Collection


Galaxy Collection ~ Acrylic Nail Powders 10g and 30g

Exquisite range of colours and the best part is... Get ready for more coming in soon ; Yes! We hear you:  too many to choose from!🤩

Used with all our NSI Nail Liquids, they also make a great partner to our dipping systems and in combination with many other nail services: Liquid & Powder, gels, gel polish, wraps, dipping systems etc...

DIY ~ paint, dip, create strong nails and strong enhancements, the perfect polished nails look in no time!

The powders are very fine and highly pigmented giving a great coverage on all nail services combining acrylics:  Liquid & Powder, gels, gel polish, wraps, dipping systems etc...

Use on artificial nail extensions and on natural nails.

These vibrant acrylic colours can be used with your favorite Nail Liquid to cover the nails and also to create intricate nail designs. The feel of the bead is varying with the concentration of glitters, shimmers, chromes, bigger or smaller granulation in each individual colour. 💡Your mix ratio will need to be re-adjusted accordingly. The drying time will also differ with some colours for the same reason as the concentration of the glitters, shimmers, chromes will sets slower.

For the Traditional Acrylic System Liquid & Powder ~ cover and protect your Acrylic colours with Acrylic Clear Powder, this way when you are ready to file and refine the nails, you are not filing off your nice colours previously applied and the setting is faster.

The colours can be mixed for endless possibilities.

Sublime coverage for all Dipping systems ~ Beautiful colours for the  ☆WOW☆ effect on every nails!💅🏻

Sizes available:

  • 10g Jar black lid
  • 30g Jar silver lid.
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Galaxy set!