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Brushes & Tools Nail Art Set 20pcs


Brushes & Tools Nail Art Set 20pcs.

Such a great item for the Nail Artists!

Nail Art Design Set of 20 pieces including 14 Nail Art Brushes to create fine designs, 6 Dotting Tools and a Black Pouch Bag to put these tools in.

Pouch contains a great set of tools for nail art and has:

Fan Brushes, Dotting Tools, Brush Liner, Flat Square Brushes, Slanting Gel Brushes, 3D Brushes, Arc Shape Brushes, Nail Art Drawing Brushes and Angled (oblique) Drawing Liner Brushes.

Uses of these brushes ~ The Shapes, the length, the angles of these Nail Art brushes & tools makes it easier for the Artist to create and paint with various techniques for a variety of designs.

* Angled (oblique) Liners : for creating precise patterns and very fine lines with lacquer, gel polishes, paints etc. It has an angled ferrule which makes it easier to paint precise and complex small designs and is also suitable for applying the smile line in a French manicure.

* Stripers: for painting very fine lines, swirls, leaves. Also used instead of the adhesive strip or nail guides and to draw designs.

* Liners: used for painting very fine lines with Lacquer, gel polishes & paints or for drawing smile lines for French manicure.

* Oval gel brush: for applying French manicure or other gels to small nails. It can also be used for painting small rounded shapes such as flowers.

* Gel Brushes and Flat brushes: for applying all kinds of lacquers, gel polishes, paints, gels etc. Used to make really thick stripes, French look, drawing leaves, & petals, used for the one stroke nail art technique, clean the smile lines etc.

* Fan Brushes: used for shading and backgrounds. To apply glitters, and create fade or other effects. Also fanning/blending smooth lines between colours. The fan brushes are great to dust fine residue & chromes & glitters/shimmers off the nails surface before applying a topcoat or the next product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Victoria F.
Great value

A really good set of brushes for an amazing price.
I’m very happy with my purchase.
10/10 would recommend.

Abi C.
Nail art brushes

Very nice quality and such good value for money!

Kat M.

Good quality brushes in a nice case for a great price. Looking forward to trying them all out!

Avinash K.
All brushes are very useful

I am very happy to buy this brushes and tool kit set. Each brush and tool is very useful and money worthy. Thanks Nsi.

Leah W.

Speedy delivery and great products- exactly what I expected