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Product Description
  • Cleans and removes tacky dispersion layer of cured gel products.
  • Cleanses all acrylic nail surfaces in preparation for top coat application.
  • After filing, Cleanse removes any dust that may be hiding in the sidewalls of the nail.
  • use Cleanse as a Slip Solution with PolyPaste gel in a tube.

Instruction to use:
Lightly saturate a nail wipe with Cleanse. Apply pressure and wipe down the entire nail. Be sure to remove all residues from the skin and cuticle areas.

Is Cleanse safe to use on skin?
Yes. Cleanse is perfectly safe for contact with the skin.
Can I use Cleanse to sanitize hands?
No. Cleanse is not meant for sanitization.

Select size: 70ml $9 - 250ml $19 - 946ml $49


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