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Clear Nail Forms

Product Description

The NSI Balance Clear Nail Forms are specifically created for use with a gel enhancement system.

The major cause of enhancement breakdown with any gel system is that the gel has not been properly cured.

The Balance Clear Forms are perfect for sculpting with your gels because the light energy can penetrate through the clear material to ensure a complete cure.

  • Ideal forms for use with Gel Enhancement Systems
  • Clear Nail Forms allow LED/UV light to penetrate for a complete cure, preventing product lifting and preventing over exposure by product not properly cured
  • The unique design creates beautiful “C” curves on any nail type
  • Easy to fit on any nail type, making it faster to fit and create enhancements
  • Sculpting grid allows for length and shape consistency from nail to nail
Select QTY: 100ct $9 - 300ct $25

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