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CYCLONE Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bit


The CYCLONE Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bit is designed to file safely and efficiently with its 3 different grits on the same barrel ~ it allows you to work faster at reduction of bulk.

This Tungsten Carbide nail drill bit is made of the highest carbide quality available on the market and is ensuring sharpness and precision while a rapid reduction of product during uses, even with the small grits.

Designed to perform safe filing jobs with comfort on the nails.

This bit is extremely efficient to file and reduce rapidly the bulk of the previous applied enhancements at refills or re-balancing services.

It also allows you to file very close to the cuticle with the top of this bit.

This bit is literally a game changer, a time saver! Time is money so the gained speed with it will be your bonus!

Hurry, you gotta get this one, it will speed up your jobs big time!

The CYCLONE Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bit has:

  • a top rounded cut to work close to the cuticle and hard skin.
  • 2 ways - Right handed and left handed.
  • 3 different grits on the same bit barrel.
  • Coated with a very high quality Tungsten Carbide gold finish.
  • Shank 3/32".

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My go to

Love this for infills and finish filing


Absolutely love it! Has made debulking a piece of cake.

My most favorite bit ever! 😍

Super easy to debulk with the more course bits and i love to get the cuticles flush with the fine bit before going in with a hand file, best buy ever!