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Simplicité PolyDip Discover Kit + Nail Lamp

Product Description
KIT contains:

- Prep – 15 ml
- Bond – 15 ml
- PolyBase – 15 ml
(PolyBase formula is translucent clear and now with some bluish agents added)
- Seal – 15 ml
- French White – 15 ml
- Opaque Pink Powder – 40g
- Pink Silk Powder – 40g
- Clear Powder – 40g
- 12 Coloured Dip Powders – 7g (White Diamonds, Ritzy, Little Black Dress, Smoke and Mirrors, Whisper in the Wind, Crem Brulee, Sunset, Start Your Engines, Don’t Kiss and Tell, Cloak and Dagger, Daydream, Sky’s the Limit)
- Endurance 180/240 Buffer
- Cleanse – 59 ml

The Simplicité Discover Kit includes a full range of nudes, coloured powders and even French White for a French look!

+ PRETTY SUNUV 9X Plus LED Nail Lamp 36W or  NSI LED/UV Nail Lamp 36W

LED/UV Curable system. No Odour!

The durability of Gel, the strength of Acrylic. Applies like Polish.

We called it Simplicité because it’s simple to use and simple to Rebalance / Refill.

The Simplicité PolyDip System is curable into a nail lamp = stronger nails faster.

This system keeps nails strong and healthy. Perfect on natural nails as an overlay, and ideal over tips/extensions with a very lightweight and a great flexible feel.

The perfect addition to Spas and Salons as this system has NO ODOUR and is drying faster. And It’s so simple! It’s Simplicité!

  • Completely Odorless System
  • A Versatile Dipping system that can be used for tips / extensions and overlays on natural nails
  • Perfect Permanent polished nails look
  • Optional Rebalance / Refill – You don’t have to soak off the product every time and/or between applications.

How to use our PolyDip kit - Step by Step

How to Rebalance - Step by Step


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love this Kit! My nails have never look so good!

These products are awesome. Great and fast customer service. The processing of my order was quick and I received my products in a reasonable timing even tough I live hours away from the city. Lovely kit & always great customer service & support on products. I'll be buying more and tell my friends.


Really love the simplicity system over the old system, so much less time consuming.

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