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Acrylic Nail Liquid - ATTRACTION

Product Description

Top Quality Nail Liquid.

It's an acrylic monomer you can count on. One with exceptional adhesion, that won’t yellow or breakdown, and easy to use.
Attraction nail liquid literally draws the powder to the brush, for quicker, easier pick-up. It’s lower in odour too.

  • Create natural-looking, Draws the powder to the brush
  • Non-yellowing formula, Never crystallizes, Evaporates slowly
  • NSI Nail Liquids Do Not Contain MMA (Methy Methacrylate)

    Note:  The bottles of 480ml are packaged by NSI Australia from bulk of Attraction nail liquid.

    Select SIZE:
    60ml $15 - 118ml $25 - 240ml $45 - 480ml $75 - 946ml $125 - 1 Gallon $440


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