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Acrylic Nail Liquid - SPA Odourless

Product Description

Acrylic Nail Liquid - SPA Odourless.

Use with a drier technique and Mix ratio.

Slow setting/drying nail liquid.

  • Aroma-FREE
  • Non-yellowing formula, uses a UV Shield to block out UV exposure to retain color clarity and keep enhancements looking new
  • creates though, yet thin nail enhancements
  • NSI Nail Liquids Do Not Contain MMA (Methy Methacrylate).

SIZE : 60ml bottle.

Spa Liquid is recommended to be used with Attraction Powders or Classic Powders to achieve the best results.

It has a high molecular weight, and is heavier and thicker and requires a drier mix ratio than traditional monomers. It has unique working properties and is non-evaporating and non-volatile.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This liquid needs to be used with a very particular dry technique and dry mix ratio. It has a slower setting/drying process.

HOW TO USE ~ Instructions + read full Instructions brochure photo.

SPA NAIL LIQUID has a completely different feel than other traditional monomers. The liquid itself has a lower viscosity and is thicker. It needs to be worked with using a drier mix ratio. Simply dip the brush back into the powder until the correct mix ratio is achieved. Be patient as the powder will take a little longer to absorb into the liquid. The results are remarkable with no odour. Remember to use your trained eye to achieve the correct mix ratio.

Properly prep natural nail ensuring that the nail is cleansed and dehydrated. Apply tip and blend or fit form. Apply Attract or Essential Bond (acid-free) Primer on the natural nail surface and dry for 1 minute. Form a bead on your nail brush using Attraction or CLASSIC Nail Powders with a medium-dry mix ratio for optimum results. Sculpt in all 3 zones.

After product application is complete, allow the nails to surface set for approximately one minute, until you hear a dull “click” when you tap on the enhancement. The surface should feel slightly tacky. Saturate an NSI Nail Wipe with Acetone. Press the wipe onto the nail and hold for approximately 30s. This will eliminate “roll off”. Proceed with Finishing. File shape and refine using a 180 grit file or higher. Use an NSI Nail Wipe saturated with Cleanse for every 2 – 3 nails and remove filing dust. Let dry and apply a Topcoat to pprotect the nails.


Another available alternative for Acrylic users without the smell of Acrylic products => check out the Simplicité Dipping/Sprinkle line and our SIMPLICITE KITS. You will love Simplicité System for it's an easier, quicker and completely odourless Acrylic system that you can use on natural nails AND extensions tips ~ the Ideal line for DIY! USERS LOVE IT! Check out our VIDEOS on this easy system on the products and also into our Youtube Channel.


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