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Acrylic SAMPLER KIT + Brush + Essential Prep Pack-Mini + Air Dry Top Coat

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Best starter acrylic nail kit

Best Acrylic Nail Kit for Beginners.

Delivers exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility. 

First User friendly. Self-leveling. Let the product work for you!

The Attraction Acrylic System is so easy to work with, it actually works for you! Wait for your Attraction Acrylic bead to self level before you start to press and move it.

Non-yellowing and completely colour stable.

Kit Contains:
Nail Liquid ATTRACTION 60ml.
3 x 7g Powder ATTRACTION(Radiant Pink, Radiant White, Totally Clear).
ESSENTIAL BOND Acid-Free Primer 15ml
Instructions and Cautions.
+ Acrylic Brush Sable Hair Round #8.

+ Essential Prep Pack Mini
Putify Spray 70ml, Nail Pure Plus 70ml, Cleanse 60ml, Nurture Oil - Cuticle Oil 7ml, Nail Wipe 200ct, Mini Pink Brush, Nail File #100/#240 Grit, 2 Sided Pink File #180/Buffer/#4000, Cuticle Stick.

+ Air Dry Top Coat (no need for a lamp). A Topcoat is recommended to finish and protect the nails.

HOW TO USE: Instructions and Cautions

Customer Reviews

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I’m a beginner to acrylic. I mostly use polygel. I wanted to change to acrylic for the strength. After a lot of research on reliable Australian suppliers I found nsi. I’m impressed. The smell is not to bad compared to other monomers. Smell was something I was worried about. Everything was very well packed. Nothing leaked and it if was going to, it was securely wrapped. I could smell the monomer in my package and was worried about leaking but the foil seal was securely in place. I feel like it dried very fast but I am still a beginner. There was no yellowing as promised. My shipping was not very fast but that’s my fault for not choosing a better option at the checkout. I knew better and didn’t go with my usual shipping company. The price is excellent for the amount of products given! It’s worth it. I’m really glad that the reviews I found were honest. I will be coming back again as I continue my journey to learn Acrylics.