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Plush Brush Nail Dusting Brush Sanitizable

Product Description

Select QTY: 1pc $8 - 2pcs $15

  • Washable and sanitizable nail dust brush

  • Size: L 7cm x W 5cm x H 3cm

Removes small nail dust particles from the nail plate during nail prep, after filing, and shaping the nail enhancement.

Helps ensure proper product adhesion for every salon service by removing nail dust from the nail plate and side walls.

Can be completely disinfected with total submersion in or sprayed with an EPA hospital grade disinfectant, meeting the highest standards of salon sanitation.

Why is a Plush Brush better than my cosmetic fluffy brush?

A cosmetic fluffy brush is not sanitizable. The Plush Brush is washable AND sanitizable, meeting the highest standards of salon safety.

It can and should be sprayed with Sanitize between every appointment.


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